Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Update and Funding

 You probably know that our 2 yr adoption journey has taken us to three different Countries in Africa. 
We have been involved supporting and working with different orphanages there.   We are happy to update that we are officially settled in a small town in Uganda.
We are adopting two children from a wonderful children's home that takes children that are over looked because they are a little older (past the toddler age) and have special medical needs. 
For these reasons our adoption is moving along very quickly. We need to raise funds fast so we can get our children home and healthy!!!  
We still need about $35,000.00.  I know not everyone can give much but every dollar helps even just $27.00.  
Our church set up www.give27.org so you'll have a site that makes your donation tax deductible.
We will continue to work  hard fundraising through the summer and ask that you pray for us, for our children while they wait, and for open hearts to help us bring them home. 

Please share our story and video.... Blessings, Brian Deb and our Eight Is Not Enough Crew.  Click on this link to watch our video and again, please share.


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