Thursday, July 3, 2014


Again we apologize for the delay but the world of adoption is a daily roller coaster ride. It's a huge hurry up and then wait game. Good news and then bad news. Changes weekly and so we've waited for more certainty before filling you in.
We are officially moving forward, full speed ahead in Uganda!! I've been sobbing all morning. Some tough deep conversations of children and their unthinkable situations. Gob bless them and keep them safe. Oh how my heart wants to save them all as you can understand. I just pray and hope the Lord opens lot's and lot's of hearts through our adoptions and more precious ones can have safe homes and families. 
SO we have to fundraise like mad people!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will have a huge community garage sale on Saturday the 26th at South Middle school in Nampa ID. (not poured in concrete, but in the works so we'll update that too). We are planning an online auction, and will update you on the details of these two fundraisers and the others we are in the process of planning. We are also applying for a matching grant. 

It's crazy how God works his timing and gives us his whisper.... I had just finished a phone call with a dear friend this morning telling her I have this gut feeling that the quiet is soon to pass, it's going to get wild and crazy and we'll have to move really fast. I came down to my office, checked our adoption email and the emails came flooding in from Carol at the childrens home we are working with, our agency, and their contact and progress with the attorney in Uganda. It was crazy and emotional like nothing else...... We know God holds this whole process in his hands so the money and everything else will go as he desires and plans. Prayers would be so appreciated. We will be able to share a bit more details in the next few weeks on our children. Meanwhile we have a video to share with you next week and will update you on the fundraisers asap as well. Thank you for being in our lives and on our mission!!  Blessings~~Deb.

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