Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy Beautiful, Blessed Saturday morning. It's been a while since our last update so here ya go. Our 1600A is being approved and should be complete within about a week or so. It is the form needed by a U.S citizen who plans to adopt a foreign-born child. This is approved by the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services department to adjudicate our application qualifying us as the adoptive parents. A child cannot immigrate to the U.S as an orphan until an I600 form has been approved.
We are also almost finished getting our Dossier together. Should have it all finished in the next three weeks. A Dossier is a TON of notarized paper work all about us that is put together and in our case we have 8 items in which we need six notarized copies of EVERYTHING. GEEZZZZ!!! A lot of running around, phone calls, and super duper expensive of course! The Dossier will go to Uganda to the attorney and courts, they go over everything to approve us to adopt children from their country. So guess what???? When we are I600A approved in about a week or two we can officially accept referrals from our adoption agency, meaning we will know what children will be joining our Family.    I'm sure when we see their faces and learn their stories, it will make our lesson of patience even more difficult. We will share as much as it is safe to share when we know who they are. The biggest obstacle today is funding. We will need to do this pretty quickly now so stay tuned for our next fundraiser.....We will continue to use for all fundraising. (visit that site anytime) :0) Please continue to pray for this process, for our children to be, and for our whole family.

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