Sunday, May 18, 2014

Marching On!!!!!

We need your prayer, we ask for your support!
I spent three hours Friday on conference calls with the The US Depart of State Bureau of Consular Affairs, and the consulate in the DRC.  The DRC (congo) officials as some of you know stopped allowing their “already” adopted children to leave their country and come home with their new families.  They are afraid their children are being mistreated, or “re-homed”.  ( put through another adoption once here if the adoptive family decides they can’t “handle” the children)    Now because of other issues during US families visiting their children in the DRC, the DRC will scrutinize and in some cases refuse parents from the U.S. to visit their children who are waiting for their exit visas (which have been put on hold).  September 2013, they asked for one year to revamp their adoption program. They want to stop corruption in the adoption program in their country.  They want other countries adopting their children to conform to their laws and regulations (that was not always happening).   This has caused tragedies for some of the waiting children and much heart break for many waiting families, but in the grand scheme of things this is good.   If they are prepared and stick to that time line, they will start reissuing the children’s exit visas in September.
What does this mean for us?   It means going forward with our adoption in the DRC is risky but honestly no more risky than usual.  The September time line (if they stick to it) does not affect us on how we move forward.  We are just finished with our home study, we are applying for matching grants, going through fundraising ideas (any suggestions are welcome), and getting ready to create our story on video for you (coming soon).
During my (Deborah) prayer time this morning I was given a strong message saying “be ready”.  Tears again of course.
 We march forward and we “be ready”.  What does that look like at this point?  It means we fundraise like crazy!!!   We’ll need approx.  $8000.00 to sign up with our Adoption (placement) agency, and have a Dossier prepared.  The Dossier a collection of papers containing very detailed information about us.  Compiling a dossier involves gathering documents, having the documents notarized, adding various seals from our county, state, and the U.S. government, then translated into that countries language. 
Ok?  Ok. (Inhale, exhale)    So let’s do this!   If we have enough of us together, helping, we can get this part funded quickly.  God told us to “Be Ready” so let’s Be Ready.   John 14:18 “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”         GO!!!!!