Thursday, April 10, 2014

Be Careful What You Pray For!

Well where to start......So you've probably read at least a little about the issues with the DRC closing it's exit visas, not allowing adopted children to leave their country.  This was do to information true or false that there was abuse and re-homing (adoptive parents giving their adopted children, up for adoption to another family) of the Congolese children in the U.S.   This has been a very sad time for the families that are through the full adoption process and not able to bring their children home.  It's also very sad and scary for families that are still in the process of adopting from DRC not knowing if you'll get to the end and not be able to bring your children home, or get derailed in the process and have to choose a different country.  It's been a very insecure, unsettling, feeling.  (not of God)

Last night at our Bible study we were asked for an update on our adoption.  We explained the above and the worry and frustration, the heartache.  There was a lot of discussion on how God knows how this will play out.  Nothing happens with out it filtering through His hands.  How this is teaching us what true faith looks and feels like.  That I can not and do not have control of everything in my life. I told our friends, "I do have faith that His will, will be done".  I know he will lead us where he needs us.  He knows what children he is bringing into our lives and family.  He will open the right doors, and close the wrong doors.  So even though we feel like we are wondering through the desert, we hold on to Him, to His word, and we march on!  We prayed about this at the end of our group time and Brian and prayed about it again before bed.

This morning when I got to my work desk, signed on to my emails I had two emails in our account.  One from our Pastor saying that the tax deductible giving site was up and running so that we could start the fundraising phase.  Instant joy, followed by, fear.  The next email was from our case worker sharing an article from the U.S. Dept of State with an update that the DRC authorities of adoption where on their way to the U.S next week for 10 days.  "The visit is designed to address the Congolese authorities’ concerns regarding the welfare of children adopted from the Democratic Republic of Congo by U.S. citizen parents.  Addressing these concerns could have a significant impact on Congolese authorities’ perspectives on intercountry adoptions to the United States, and on the future of intercountry adoptions from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the United States."  That means HOPE.  If the DRC authorities are shown that the children adopted and living in the U.S. are being raised in good, healthy environments, and are adjusting well to being in the U.S. then we have hope that they will start issuing exit visas for their children already adopted and orphans waiting for families.    Phew!  What a morning!!!   I cried and cried on and off most of today.  Just rocked by God answering our questions, calming our doubt, loving on us, being there, everything that he promises.  

So, with my head bowed, tears running down my cheeks, "OK" was my response to Him.  

I wanted to share this all with you........

We have a personal letter we will mail to anyone who would like a little more of our story.  Feel free to email us with your physical address if you would like one.  We will post it in a week or two as well.    We were going to wait to tell everyone where they can go to donate to bringing our children home after our letters where mailed out, BUT my beautiful little sister Lori didn't know that, and being excited that our giving site was up, posted it on facebook! Ha!  Well there you go again with me Having to let go of control!!  
So thankful for all of you, your time, interest, care, love, everything you offer.  We will update again next week.  Updates should be a little more often now.......
Oh, here is the giving website if you want to check it out..
Love and Blessings,
Bri and Deb