Monday, February 24, 2014

Why?  Why are there orphans?  Why are there hungry people? Why are there widows living alone and afraid?  Why are people dying from diseases that are preventable and that there are cures for?  Why are there homeless people that are alone and lost?   Because We sit back in our comfortable lives and do nothing about it. Because we don’t want to change our lives and comfort zones.  Because we are selfish or afraid.  Because it is so much easier to turn a blind eye.  We think, Oh they’ll be ok, Someone will take care of them.  They’ll get help somewhere.  How will that happen if we all think and say the same thing?  Do we only really care about the closest people in our lives. We feel and think our own families and children are more important than others.  Does God?  Does HE look at the three beautiful boys I gave birth to that HE created and think that they are more precious, more important, and more loved by Him than all the other children in the world that HE created? Not the God of the Holy Bible, not the one and only true God that I believe in.  No he does not.  Could God snap a finger, or just say a word from his mouth and make it all better?  Sure, of course he can.  But he called us to take care of each other. What kind of character would we have if he did everything for us?  How would our kids turn out if we did everything for them, gave them no choices, no responsibility, no consequence.  He’s our father and gives us the same freedom of choice, responsibility, and consequence because He loves us and wants to grow us through all our experiences.  I am so very thankful that he doesn’t just take over.  I would feel like a total failure.   That he had to give up on me and my selfishness and do it himself.   He told us to go out and preach the gospel, to save the orphans, take care of the widows and homeless, feed the poor and hungry, help heal the sick.  God is a God of equality.  God is a God of Love.  He gave us Love, he taught us Love, we were created to Love.  Giving love and being Love is the most important command that He gave us.  I love my God with all my heart.   When I learn about what breaks His heart, my instant instinct is to do something about it.  My heart cannot turn a blind eye.  Believe me I’ve tried to and it doesn’t work for me.  That’s not my heart.  Seeing these horrible realities in this world breaks my heart too.    I choose to repent from my selfish ways.  I choose to get out of my comfort zone.  To face fear and doubt with the truth I have in God’s promise to always walk along side of me.   I’ll write more about the challenges of stepping out of my box in another blog soon.  But for now I want you to know how very filled we are in our hearts as we journey through saving two children from Africa.  We are at total peace with our desire, we feel loved and comforted by God through this.  We feel blessed that he would entrust us with such a huge job.  We are so so so excited to watch all that God will do through this time in our lives and so many others.  I know he’s going to rock the hearts of many.  We can’t wait for the day we get to look into the eyes of our two new children and bring them back to a Forever home.  We love you all and are so thankful that you are in our lives, both old and new!    In His Name, and for His Kingdom.  ~~ Bri and Deb.  xxxxxxx

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