Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why Africa?

I’m trying to blog about different question we are asked because I’m sure more than a few people may have the same thoughts or questions for us.

Why Africa?  We became emotionally attached to few different countries in Africa.  One of the countries I've been connected to for several years as I’ve financially supported a child there through Compassion International.  Two other African countries, Philippines, and India are other countries that have tugged on our hearts.  We've had friends share their knowledge, experience, videos, pictures, and stories of mission trips, and even their own adoption journey’s from these countries.  I know there are many other places where the children are in life threatening situations.  It’s horrible.   All children everywhere deserve and need a forever family.  Some people with open hearts for adoption will feel called to adopt locally, in their own country, and some internationally.  It’s a personal choice and calling.  I pray and hope that any family open to bringing children into their already family will receive love, support, understanding, and a great big community around them.  It’s not easy for any involved but it’s a need that we cannot ignore any longer, so we won’t.     

p.s.  I out of my own concern and curiosity asked our adoption agency, Why don't the people of Congo adopt their own children so they can stay in their own country?   She said there is still war, and poverty so bad that the people can't afford to adopt their own.  They can't even afford to properly support the children they have. Even if they did there isn't much chance of the children having any decent future (no education, medical help, proper nutrition) or even hope of one.  Sad......                                                                                                                                                                               

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