Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We received the official referrals of our children yesterday.  Praise God.  
For the protection of the children, and safety of the adoption process we'll need to be a bit private for now.  Once our children are home safe we can share more of them with you.  You can request to be added to our closed private facebook page "Eight is Not Enough".  
If you feel led to help us finish the funding you can find our fundraiser page on facebook "The Hilleslands Children Envelope fundraiser".  
If you would like to offer a tax deductible donation you can go to and find us there!  God bless you and we'll update the progress of the adoption as we go.  Hoping to get a court date set in the next few weeks and praying that we can start court end of January beginning of February.  We'll leave that in God's hands. Blessings to you!!!