Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Oh forgive me please for the horrible job I'm doing on our blog page.  We are half way through our Hillesland Childrens Envelope Adoption Fundraiser. ( Say that five times fast).   It's a full time job, and I have a real full time job, and a family to take care of so I kinda lost track. Duh!   ;0)

We did just make a video with an update and a little sharing of our hearts. It's file's too large to attach here so we put a the video on youtube. Hilleslandadoptionvideo   
We are so excited to let you know that we are within a month or two of travel to start court!!!  This next week we will have the funds to send in for the referral which is our agency telling us which children we get to make our own.  They will be Orphans no longer!  Amen!!  Also the Dossier which is all our paper work that goes to Uganda so that their government/courts can give the ok for us to adopt from their country.  Next we will have to submit 11,000.00 to cover all the court and child investigation cost.  Then the final stage is about 7,000.00 for a bunch of legal work and visas.  We could very probably be traveling to Uganda in December to start court.  So time is of the essence in finishing the funding.  Please visit our fundraiser on facebook if you would like.  If you would like to contribute/donate to help us finish the money barrier you can visit  or   Also here is the video, sorry it is a bit long.  Next update will be short, lovely, and sweet. hee hee
We are so thankful for everyone God is bringing into our lives.  You've given so much love, support, prayer, and we will forever thank Him and pray for you all!!!!  More updates to come and God willing we will all see who our children are next week!!!  God Bless!!